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Live Action TV. Cheers : In "Bidding on the Boys" Frasier angers his fiancee Lilith by asking her to sign a pre-nuptial agreement and she bids on Sam to get revenge. Woody participated too, and the winning bid for him went to a rather eccentric, rich woman who was chain smoking through the whole scene and the next one. Unfortunately, the show episode focusing on Woody there. Frasier : While Daphne unintentionally buys Bulldog after only bidding out of pity, Frasier is purchased by a sexy woman however her bratty daughter destroys any chance of romance.

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A jealous Becky ends up buying Jesse for a ridiculous amount though its pointed out she could've had him for free. An old lady buys Joey for her beautiful granddaughter and Danny for herself.

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Seinfeld : Elaine hosts the event while Kramer struts his stuff. Tally Hall did this fantastic song about it. The plot of Oklahoma! In Paint Your Wagon , a Mormon comes to California with two wives, and is forced to give up one of them.

The Bachelor Auction by Rachel Van Dyken - online free at Epub

Elizabeth, the less favored wife, offers herself up for auction. Ben places the winning bid and marries her. In Patience , Bunthorne believes he won't be accepted by the woman he really loves , so he decides instead to marry the winner of a raffle. In The Devil's Panties , comic artist Jennie Breeden does at least two weeks' worth of strips a year about "Geek Auctions" she has attended.

With special emphasis placed on any strippers or Ho Yay encountered. In webcomic Too Much Information , Ace gets dragged into a Bachelor Auction and pretty much gets bid on by every woman with a pulse, including a supermodel and a millionairess. And one without a pulse - the winning bidder is a female vampire. There was an Octopus Pie arc where Marek entered a bachelor auction to raise some money and gave Hanna some money to make sure she got him. She was outbid before she even finished. But the woman hired for the position sends his world into a tailspin.

How is he supposed to focus on business transactions with the beautiful and mysterious Kate Coleman constantly in his view? The attraction between them grows palpable and jealous coworkers enter the mix, forcing Lincoln and Kate to question if rough skies are in their future, or if love lies on the horizon. You can pick up a copy today by clicking here.

Happy reading, Gelato. Where do you get ideas for writing a book? Here's what she had to say: "The first time I felt inspired to write a book was because of a random picture I saw in my mind. Now when I write, I usually think of a situation, one so bound up with emotion, unraveling the details leads me to a romance story waiting to happen. Dear Reader, We love to share excerpts from our favorite books. Check this one out! Jamon tried to smile at people as they passed. About a dozen easels were placed around the room, each holding a canvas of an original painting done by various world-renowned artists, Gemma explained.

Jamon nodded to keep her talking. No matter how long he stared or how much money he had, some of the paintings looked like a five-year-old had gotten hold of a paintbrush; a squiggly line was a squiggly line. Three thick purple lines circled in and out of one another. A light grey line slashed through all three, and a half dozen thinner ovals, grouped in threes, made up the final product. Gemma stared at the image with appreciation. Something in her expression had changed. Her eyes held a note of serenity he had yet to see in her hard-nosed business persona.

He stepped closer, and her vanilla and lace fragrance filled his head. He glanced back at the painting. Anything to put that look on her face was worth any price tag.

Bachelor Auction

Expression through the ebb and flow of the lines, the extensions and points, the eloquence. His only experience with dance was the country swing. The real Gemma. A woman who was passionate about dance, who loved it with her whole soul and could find pieces of it in swirls and lines. The love transformed her, and seeing her soul, Jamon was transformed too. He suddenly wanted to get closer, to see this side of her again, to feel her next to him.

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