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This observation of lies would collapse the notion of separateness from all that surrounds us and tip the scale by synchronizing body, mind and spirit for a full and wholesome existence.

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The Silent Sage is an illustrated parable about the search for truth. Beautifully illustrated with handwritten calligraphy. The parable charts the symbolic search for answers and the futility of that search without the ears to hear. Only one pilgrim comes to the wise old sage that can hear his message in t he silence. What people are saying:.

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The parable is by Ken Reed. Listen to it very attentively, and meditate over it. One of the most profound things this story addresses is that the. I loved the story. The story is beautifully narrated and accented with song by Sanjeevani Bhelande, famous Indian recoring artis.

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What People are saying:. I have come across a very beautiful parable I n I met this remarkable and unassuming man from India.

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Goodreads reviews for The Silent Sage. Our Vistage members are accustomed to the best speakers from across the US and Nancy Friedman did not disappoint. Your enthusiasm is infectious. You make it easy and fun to remember. The two hours we spent with you were well worth it. She immediately captivated the room with her common-sense approach on how to deliver excellent customer service to your colleagues and clients. I got so much out of this and have shared with all of my employees. Employees were buzzing about Nancy and her customer service seminar for days!

She delivers information that applies to everyone at some point in their career or personal life. She left QSI wanting more! I really enjoyed your presentation. Loved your audience interaction.

Also, great advice and tips! Hope to see you again! N Project Mgr. QSI Facilities. Nancy was a hit at our event! One would think it was just for the people who answer the phone but my technician sat in and it was so impressed with you and what he got out of listening to you. I find what you have to offer is priceless and probably one of the best investments one could make for their company. We really enjoyed your presentation Thank You for the hand out No one else has given one besides you Take care. Auto Glass Show Thank you for sharing your afternoon with us. Funny, engaging and spot on with her message!

Thank you Nancy!

I have subscribed and linked to you everywhere I could and look forward to learning more. Charismatic, funny and obviously very smart. I enjoyed the session and hope I get a chance to hear you again. She kept our audience engaged and shared useful information. She received overwhelmingly satisfied rankings. We appreciate how easy it was to work with Nancy. Auto Dealers Assn. She was engaging, funny, and insightful. Her "Golden Nuggets of Customer Service" were helpful and a reminder of the importance of manners, transparency, and follow up.

I highly recommend Nancy for your next meeting as a speaker. I would highly recommend her for your group if you are looking to have fun and need a seriously qualified speaker. You're very talented and shared some wonderful information. Her energy and enthusiasm are unmatched. She was very engaging with the attendees and really knows how to control a room. I came away with priceless Golden Nuggets of wisdom that not only changed my work habits but changed my life.

I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone!. All enjoyed and found your ideas fun and best of all, easy to implement. Well Done. Very refreshing!!! It brought to mind that simple things can be game changers in developing positive relationships. A 3 year in a row speaker, our attendees love her so much, we had to close registration for her sessions to not overbook the seating capacity.

Nancy delivers an untapped wealth of customer service knowledge with a keen personality that will translate in any industry. A must-have and her program will leave you wanting more every time. Your outstanding, relevant and enthusiastic advice as well as your extra efforts to customize the program were well recognized by the association and the participants. Thank You for sharing your valuable and important message. Your session was even better in person! It was a joy to meet your enchanting husband, Dick, and see you include him in your presentation.

So many attendees were raving about your style, flair and directness on communicating effectively and particularly like the GUM message!

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Thank you for a great program and fun presentation! Looking forward to continuing her role in shaping our Customer Experience. Brightstar Care "Thank you so much for an amazing presentation this past weekend. I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to have met you. Your message was inspirational. Best wishes.

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That alone, made the session worthwhile. It didn't end there, though.

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Nancy's session was packed with useful "nuggets" that I plan on taking back to my staff. Telephone Doctor was phenomenal.

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Thank you so much! However, it's the person who takes the time to call that is often most interested in what the business has to offer. With a phone typically always within reach, Innkeepers can use The Telephone Doctor's tips to guide the conversation to 'close the deal' whether they're out in the garden, supermarket, or at their desk. Nancy's presentation was humorous with plenty of common sense which isn't common enough in the mix; our innkeepers and future innkeepers really enjoyed her session. I have already put some of the things you talked about to practice.

It worked! I calmed an angry client right down and he was calling me sweetie by the end of the conversation…You do a great Job!!!! As she shares her wealth of knowledge, her enthusiasm overflows to the audience making the learning experience interactive and engaging. In 15 years of attending conferences, I have never experienced a speaker with such passion and drive to helping create great customer service!

Everyone was raving about you! They loved your presentation and wanted more. We are repeat customers — we have had Nancy at multiple conferences and get great feedback from attendees. WIC conferences. Her humor, delivery and experience allowed our team to understand what customer service really means. I would recommend Nancy to anyone in business. I look forward to utilizing the material to continue shaping healthy communication habits within our organization. Her programs are insightful, witty, fun and impactful. She will be back! Nancy was an amazing speaker having the ability to motivate, entertain you while staying on topic.

I look forward to future seminars, news letters and post's. Nancy knows her stuff when it comes to training everyone in the organization to handle phone calls professionally. It may not seem to be that important until you attend her trainings. Our organization has used her services and hosted training sessions for thousands of retailers - outstanding results.