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Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview What attracts good teachers and keeps them in the profession?

What makes schools better places for students to learn and for teachers to work? These questions are at the heart of Keeping Good Teachers. To answer them, many of the authors in this book have surveyed fellow educators to find out which practices and policies are most beneficial and practical to implement in schools.

Recruiting and Keeping Good Teachers

Product Details Table of Contents. Goldberg Index About the Editor. Show More. Turnover can cost an organization anywhere from one-half to five times the employee's salary. The variability in this number is the result of the difficulty in measuring both hard costs, such as advertising and training, as well as some of the unseen costs, such as the impact on team morale and student relationships.

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Considering the costs of replacing teachers, and with fewer teachers in the available candidate pool and more open teaching positions, districts must work to differentiate their employee value proposition to attract, recruit, develop and retain talented teachers. District leaders can start by focusing on four approaches to attract and retain top teacher talent in the face of a seemingly systemic teacher shortage.

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Labor market data would contend that there will continue to be fewer qualified teaching candidates available in the pool in the years to come. Thus, to win qualified candidates, district leaders need to better understand the type of talent they are competing for. The vast majority of new teachers entering the profession are millennials. According to Gallup's How Millennials Want to Work and Live report , millennial job seekers are most attracted to workplaces that provide opportunities to learn and grow. Millennial teachers want both a paycheck and a purpose-driven career.

District leaders should ensure their employee proposition to millennials seeking teaching positions reflects this generation's needs of individualized growth and development. Engineer an exit survey program to better understand your district's challenges. Just as critical as understanding who is coming into the district is understanding who is leaving the district and why.

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Teachers leaving a district is nothing new. However, given the high stakes of the teacher shortage, smart district leaders are looking for more insights into why their teachers are resigning. They want to understand the reasons for the departure and gain in-depth insights into how to retain their best. As a response, many school districts are focusing more on exit survey programs.

An effective exit process enables a district to not only reduce turnover, but also improve incumbent teacher engagement. For example, discovering that teachers who are leaving feel unappreciated provides an opportunity to emphasize workplace recognition and, in turn, increase teacher engagement.

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Exit data are valuable, but forward-thinking leaders don't stop there -- they get ahead of turnover by predicting it before it happens. Predictive turnover analytics could help uncover risk factors for turnover, which would allow leaders to anticipate and mitigate problems before teachers leave. Additionally, pairing teacher survey, performance and employment data with information about intention to stay or leave the district can be a powerful, data-driven exercise that alleviates teacher departures. Teaching is a challenging but rewarding career.

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  8. However, Gallup also finds that when talented, high-performing employees are not engaged in their job, they are just as likely as disengaged, low performers to quit their job. To engage teachers, leaders must provide a path for them to follow to boost their development, have creativity and autonomy in the classroom, and create a thriving learning environment for students. District leaders should measure teacher engagement in their district and encourage school-level conversations and action planning to improve engagement and teacher retention.

    In the war for highly talented teachers, retention is the best defensive strategy a district can use.