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The fan girls left disappointed. I looked at Rex. I did have a crush on him throughout elementary and middle school, and high school is in two days. Hey, just to make sure they're gone for good, can we walk together to Max's house?

The afternoon came quickly since Rex and I were running away from fans. Also known throughout the school, Rex Fans. Their leader, also my nemesis, Jenny. Sometimes people call her Blonde-berry, since she's a blonde, and that she likes berries.

Zoe Valentine

But, my name for her is Slut number 1, and The Queen of Sluts. We were relieved when we got to Max's house. We took the longest way there, just to get past the Rex Fans. I looked at him. He was breathing heavily. I was tired. We ran for an hour.

Max and Zoe: The School Concert

My bangs were now in my face, and to make matters worse, they took Rex seriously that I was his girlfriend, and they just complained more than ever. Suddenly, the door slammed open and hit my face. Maryann walked out and saw us. Just my luck, the Queen of Complainers just showed up, so let's hear the applause. I just stared at her. Maryann, Rex, and I went inside to find Max on the sofa sleeping. I went over to the sofa and tipped it. Max rolled on the floor, and shot awake.

He was still in his cloughs he wore on Friday.

max and zoe at recess

In about 20 minutes, he came out fully dress and awake. I was about to speak when Max yelled, "I know, today let's go on a picnic, so let's get some food made. I looked at the clock.

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When Rex and I got outside, we started walking to my house, the short way. All the fan girls were gone, so we were lucky. Today was mixed. It was bad enough to get ran over by Rex Fans, but getting hit in the face with a door was torture. I got a band-aid on it now, so I'm ok. The good part was the funny part, to get away from some Rex Fans; Rex had to tell them that I was his girlfriend. Today, at the beach, Maryann was eating this big pretzel, that Max had to take some for himself.

Oh, and that when my shift was done, and Rex's shift was done, Max and Maryann complained all the way back. What the heck, they asked to stay for a little while longer. Hell-o we've been there for 4 hours, why would you want to stay? It's autumn! When I got home, I was surprised to see Maryann on my couch.

She said that Max was pretty sure that I'll let her spend the night. I didn't want to, but I didn't have a choice, she was already here, and if I don't, I'll have her and Max all over me. My family said it was ok, but for me, NOT! Someone, help me.

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I bet Rex didn't see me at all today. Thankfully Zoe stays in to help him. While cleaning, they find a month of homework buried in the mess. Max has a lot of work to do before he can go out and play in the snow. Help Centre. Track My Order.

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