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We will let you know when in stock. Thank you for your interest You will be notified when this product will be in stock. I agree to the. Terms and Conditions. How It Works? IMEI Number. Exchange Discount Summary Exchange Discount -Rs. Final Price Rs. She has picked up sign language so well though, that there is no questioning what she is trying to communicate. Davey Jean has 22q He had lifesaving open heart surgery 3 days later to patch a ventricular septal defect and an atrial septal defect. At his one year post-operative cardio appointment Grayson was found to have a dilated aortic root.

At this time it is being monitored for growth. He may need another open heart surgery in the future.

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Grayson has some sensory and eating issues. He also has febrile seizures and central sleep apnea. Grayson is one of the happiest little boys and loves to smile, laugh and play. He loves cars and watching movies.

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He also loves to play with his two older big brothers. She was born with Tetralogy of Fallot and has had two open heart surgeries. Her first open heart was at 8 weeks old and her second surgery was a week before her fourth birthday. She was in Ballet, Folklorico and just recently took on soccer.

Noah’s Story. . . the day he lived!

She is the true definition of a warrior because every day she chooses to fight. Her love for her pets and all of the people in her life is truly immeasurable. Her smile will brighten any ones day and she radiates an energy that is good for our soul. Makenna is a heart princess warrior!

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She was born fighting for her life; undergoing her first heart surgery at only 32 hours old. She went on to have her second heart surgery at 5 months old and third at 14 months old. She will need heart surgery sometime in the future to replace a donor valve, but she is growing and thriving!

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She may have been born fighting for her life, but she is now busy living life to the fullest! She loves helping others, dancing and riding her horse. She has an adventourous spirit and a beautiful heart.

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  • Neymar is known for his outgoing personality, contagious smile, and his sweet and lovable heart. Neymar flashes his cheerful smile every chance he gets, he loves going to preschool. His Favorite food is pizza and rice. Tess is a spirited five year old who is currently attending first grade.

    She has a love for learning and meeting new people. Tess taught herself how to ride a bike without training wheels and on daily basis, does her best to be a good influence and help to her two younger brothers. She was days old with her first open heart surgery, 6 months with her second and 18 months with her 3rd. Her favorite activity is swimming.

    She often changes her career goals from being a firefighter like her dad, a princess, Doctor or an Olympian. Approaching six years old, it is so hard to believe all this little girl has been through.

    #AsktheMayoMom about Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

    She has enriched many lives around her. She is adored! At one year of age she had her first heart surgery at Stanford. Venus and her family have traveled to Stanford every six weeks since January She then had an ICD placed to protect her heart. When they saw her heart they noticed her right side of her heart was very thin and hade a lot of scaring, and was white in color.

    At the time we saw a multitude of specialists, cardiologists and surgeons and we were given three options. I think we deliberated for about 2 seconds before we opted for the 3 stage surgeries. Noah sailed through his Norwood procedure when he was 5 days old, his bi-directional Glenn when he was 4 months old and his Fontan just before his 3rd birthday. The only complication he ever had was a nicked nerve which affected his vocal chords for a few months. When I look back at that time, I honestly feel pretty nonchalant about it.

    We all just did what we had to do. There was never another option. There was never a pause.

    We just plowed through it, dealt with everything that was thrown at us and treated Noah like a normal kid, with some minor limitations. Other than our yearly cardiology visits and the occasional winter ER visit, Noah has been as healthy as one with half of a heart can expect to be.

    Noah has always had some limitations and considerations. He attends a camp just for kids with heart defects, and he turned blue when cold.

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    Which is why I am still feeling so much shock, and residual fear, over what happened. Everyone still alive?! I hang up the phone and I call my ex-husband and ask him to meet them at the ER. At this point, not knowing how bad it is, I decide that I have to stay and do my job. I tell the wedding planner, so she knows why I am stepping out every 5 minutes to look at my phone.

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    Maybe you should let them know you should leave. I have to leave, now. I feel SO far away from my son right now. Is he scared? Is he in pain? They finally come out and tell us that they have Noah and he is currently stable. They say they are going to take him down to do an emergency cath, but I can go back and see him before they go down. The anesthesiologist and cath doctor rush away and my own heart drops for the umpteenth time that night.