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Family Tree — Praying for People Draw a tree onto a big piece of paper — or use a real one if you have space. Invite people to write the names of family and friends who need prayer onto post-it notes or luggage tags, encouraging them to stick or hang these onto the tree as they pray. Wailing Wall — Prayer Requests Create space on a big piece of paper for people to write or draw their honest requests to God.

You could be creative with a piece of netting or fabric. Watch the space as it fills up over the week. Wash it Off — Forgiveness Place a bowl of water, some soap, and some pens in the prayer room.

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Invite people to write the names of those people they need to forgive on their hands ensure the pens are washable! Head to the registration page to get started.

Have you ever tried prayer walking? Brian Heasley shares some helpful tips for getting started.

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Creative Prayer. We think the best prayer activities are Try a few of the following to get started: Family Tree — Praying for People Draw a tree onto a big piece of paper — or use a real one if you have space. Tell the world. There's no need to talk, no need to do anything Just "be".

Rosemary Remembrance When someone that we love leaves or dies, they leave a gap in our lives. We miss them. Is there someone you miss? Take a sprig of rosemary. Hold it. Smell it.

Resource: Prayer Stations! - Galloway Musings

Feel it. Think of the poeple who you have, for whatever reason, not seen for a while. If you want to, you can talk with God about how you are feeling. They're not together any more. Have you argued with someone recently? Do you know people who don't get on well together? Zips are clever.

Resource: Prayer Stations!

Zips bring two sides together. Reconciliation means bringing two sides together.

The Stations of the Cross by Saint Francis of Assisi

Pick up a zip and think about people that you want to bring back together. If you want to, you can say a quiet prayer for the people you are thinking of as you do up the zip.

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This is a reconciliation prayer. Lego Body The Church isn't just the building, it's the people too.

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It is made up of people who have many different gifts and talents. Some are good at football, singing or dancing; others are good at organising, cooking or gardening. Take a moment to think about what gifts and talents you have.

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If you want to, take and write your name on a Lego brick and add it to the Lego body as you, too, are part of the Church.