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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. DayZ Store Page. Global Achievements. When did the point of this game become shoot everyone you see on sight? Eat a bag of Zombie D's!

LOL People are not friendly at all. They'll shoot you in starter clothes carrying a stick. Last edited by picoherb ; 22 Dec, pm. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by Magic Storm :. Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments. Rain View Profile View Posts. That sucks I've personally had plenty of friendly encounters, perhaps you just got unlucky?

Get real, not everyone is gonna play nice in this game.

50 Cent fires back at NYPD commander who allegedly told officers to 'shoot him on sight'

Player interaction has and will be the greatest risk in dayz. Originally posted by picoherb :. Snuffles View Profile View Posts. Most people by this point in the games life span have been betrayed themselves by other acting friendly so youll have those moments. Try and avoid people if you can and if you are looking for interaction try and force it on your terms.

Follow others until they go into a house or somewhere with only one exit most times people will choose to talk it out rather than shoot.

Licence to kill in Brazil: Rio police snipers authorised to shoot on sight - Focus

It's mostly fear and mistrust, and on occasion the mischievous one taking liberty of it being a video game. Not everyone plays that way though, but it's certainly the norm. I've made it a rule to not instigate anything and wait for the other to make a move. It doesn't keep me safe, and it's not a "come out on top" winner strategy, but it does offer some chance of interaction for the other player. I've met a good amount of friendly players by not shooting first, and I've also had to take down a few people who tried something because I wasn't going to let my guard down either.

The hostile interactions are pretty fitting for an apocalyptic environment.

Shoot On Sight Bollywood movie trailer

Kozzy View Profile View Posts. All depends on the situation. I met one guy, we almost shot each other, Ihad the jump on him, but we ended up chatting, then 2 of his frends showed up, we chatted for a good 20 mins, was awesome. View Profile View Posts. I mean, if you're bothered by people playing pvp to the point where you have to make a thread about it, you should turn to RP servers Smokey View Profile View Posts.

After skinning you and turning your bones in to fish hooks me and my friends ejoyed roasting what remained of your corpse over hot flames while joking about the next new spawner we will kill. I think when the mod had a karma system to show a general outer outlook to your character it helped As a general friendly guy, shooting on sight is the new norm to keep a character but i miss my hero skin. He was referring to the Philippine president's anti-narcotics campaign that rights groups claim has claimed the lives of more than 22, people.

He said Indonesian President Joko Widodo should "immediately shut down this Duterte model of crime control or risk culpability for a mass killing campaign that threatens Indonesia's still-fragile rule of law.

He said the spike in crime was because reported cases were not being followed up. Rivanlee Anandar, from rights advocacy group the Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence KontraS , warned that the police policy would likely result in extrajudicial killings, adding that "shootings should be the last resort.

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Philippine military chief warns media against bias It's not your job to dictate to us, defiant journalists tell new commander. Indonesian green alliance demands tougher action on fires Call goes out for special regulation to punish fire raisers and deter plantation firms from stating them in future.

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