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Hands is clearly an expert at playing an unhinged character, and it shows.

The Lesson

What makes Mr. Gale so terrifying is that it really does feel like this is a real person who has just snapped. For a first-time director, Platt shows a significant amount of confidence behind the camera. The allegory here and Mr. Gale is insistent that everyone know what an allegory is is that much like how education liberates you from your parents to start a life all on your own, Fin and Joel will only be freed from Mr.

There is no intricate lesson here. Gale just wants the boys to learn basic information that most people learn in school archetypes, totalitarianism, the aforementioned definition of allegory, etc. His sole method of teaching is to have the boys look up a word in a dictionary within 10 seconds lest they have a nail driven into their hands either by hammer or nail gun. How do you suggest we connect with the student before the lesson time if we have a lesson with a different student that ends exactly at the same time the next lesson begins? So teachers are now expected to wait almost an hour for a student who may be unable to contact us with a legitimate excuse.

We then reschedule the session because we are compassionate and have no way of recouping the fee for the entire hour. I disagree with this policy. Do you expect a restaurant to hold a table reservation for an hour? In my 3-years experience if a student does not show up during the first 15 minutes without a warning then they will not show up at all because they forgot about the lesson and there is no sense in waiting until the end of the lesson time.

Is it possible to make an agreement with a student sending them a message on italki chat? After this I don't wait anymore, the lesson is not going to happen and italki credits go to the teacher.

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This will make a student feel responsible about our lesson. There's a contradiction between asking the teachers to remain available when a student doesn't show up under the excuse that "the teacher's time is booked and paid for" and also "hoping" that teachers will accept to reschedule the missed lesson who's going to pay for this second hour of the teacher's time?

Students do understand that missing a booked appointment will mean that they won't be able to get the lesson, because that's also what happens when they miss their plane or their spa appointment. Italki shouldn't appear to leave the decision on the hands of the teachers to decide if the 'misunderstanding' was 'honest' enough. Boards - Viewing topics in The Lesson

Both students and teachers rely on the platform to settle this kind of things, and opening that door will only lead to more dissatisfaction for the students they're much more likely to find a teacher's call unfair than to really question why italki doesn't want to refund a lesson they didn't show up to. In other words, by not clearly backing your teachers who have to charge for no-shows, you'll leave the students even more unsatisfied, because they'll feel that maybe the teacher could have let them reschedule if he were a bit nicer.

One more thing: after so many years of italki, I know that the platform mostly listen to business-driven arguments and I'm okay with that. I'm not calling on your ethics here, and I imagine that up to a certain point students satisfaction is more important than teachers satisfaction, so these new policies make some sort of sense.

But I'd like to remind you the obvious: the protection against last minute cancellations is one of the first reason many of your teachers won't steal away your students.

Seek to Understand Those You Teach

Of course, we're all honest people here and we hate doing things against the rules as much as anyone else. So this is a dangerous area to play with. To be extremely clear, I think italki has little to win with fragilizing the cancellation policies, which can lead to more frustration student-side and more temptation to bend the rules teacher-side.

I love italki and I don't want to see this happening. Who will pay for my time? This is a new requirement which clarifies the responsibilities of both parties. The principle is that the teachers time is booked and paid for. Man oh man, this is a very flawed principle. Italki has been paid for, not the teachers' time. The more I think of it, the more dissatisfied I am at it. I am also a student here in the platform, and if I don't show up in the first ten minutes, my teachers usually understand something's come up and I won't be showing up anytime soon.

I don't want them to be waiting for me. I have been teaching on italki for 7 years. And I would totally agree with the previous comment 7 years ago because of the lack of experience teaching online. But for all this time I had only 2 students who showed up after 15 minutes of the lesson. It's my job, I am taking it serious, and value my time and every second of my student's time.

I can understand that all kinds of emergencies can happen, sometimes you don't have the possibility to notify in this case it's much more easier to agree to reschedule the lesson because you didn't sit one hour in front of laptop waiting for the student. In the beginning of teaching online, I agreed to reschedule the lesson every time, and the students start take it as a rule and didn't value my time.

I can wait for the entire hour even if my experience shows that the student will not show up but my time should be paid. Tim, actually, no, italki policy is that the lesson has not been paid for until the session time has ended and the class has been confirmed. Many teachers have a liberal "miss" policy and allow students to reschedule without penalty and that's why it's better for everyone to cancel the session after 15 minutes. Stuff happens and respect is mutual. History has proven that students who are late without contacting the teacher end up not attending that session at all.

If a teacher does that, he or she should not be in this business. It has nothing to do with trying to get something for nothing. That's a disrespectful assumption. Tim, as a teacher I agree completely with your viewpoint.

[Review] ‘The Lesson’ Features the Ultimate Bad Teacher!

As teachers, we don't want our potential students to be disappointed by other teachers who don't show up and don't respect their time. As a student, I've only had one tutor who regularly canceled his lessons with me I had the impression that, at the beginning of the day, he chose whether to give lessons or do something else. Needless to say, I stopped booking lessons from him and got another teacher for that language. But if a student has such experience with several teachers, he'll leave Italki and think that we - teachers - are ALL like this.

The best teachers use a simple, seven-step format.

I really struggle to understand why most teachers are complaining. Teacher's obligation is being available to deliver the lesson during the time which has been booked by the student; student's obligation is paying for that time. I don't feel I work in isolation. I talk with teachers and students italki and other places all day long, I discuss matters with my offline colleagues and I participate in workshops etc about my job. How is that isolation? If my students ditch italki because of a bad experience with another teacher, then it means they do not value my efforts and they don't find them worthy of staying.

Am I a lesser person than dentists, hairdressers, plumbers, courier delivery drivers? Doesn't my train leave when I'm late? Most important, that is not stressed enough here for italki to "get it", is the contempt towards teaching. I am hired to teach a certain amount of language points for a certain learning purpose. I am not hired to smile and wave at the camera. I am very much insulted and offended by this requirement. What exactly does italki think I'm selling?

Point 5 shouldn't be judged in a case-by-case? It seems you only take conversational classes and your level is not beginner. I'd love to see how would you cope in a 60' professional beginners' non-conversational class where they only speak your target language, which is radically different in structure from yours.

It is used for a lot of prepositions, vocabulary, structure and other learning objects. The student is free to answer "from Mars" as far as I'm concerned. Yes, we do speak with students and teachers all day long, but we don't know what actually happens. Some students complain about other teachers, yes, but you never get the whole story. Ask one person to pick one paper. Delayed error correction can be an effective way of finishing your lesson. When your students make mistakes in speech, write them on a piece of paper, or on the board, and ask them to correct their own mistakes at the end of the lesson.

If they are not able to do it themselves, you can give them some hints.

Bloody Disgusting!

For example:. What tense form is it? What is the subject? What is the subject of the sentence? Is it singular or plural?

The best way to wrap up a lesson with primary school learners is with a goodbye song using a puppet. This will leave a positive impact on your kids and they will look forward to their next lesson. Another interesting way of saying goodbye to your kids is with a puppet.